Welcome To Nova Digital Marketing

Rocket Your Digital Brand To The Stars

Acquire More Leads & Traffic Using Our Squad Of SEO Experts

Welcome To Nova
Digital Marketing

Rocket Your Digital Brand To The Stars

Acquire More Leads & Traffic
Using Our Squad Of SEO Experts

Who We Are

We Help Scale Up Your Brand and Reach For The Stars!

Finding a digital marketing agency is a tough task in today’s information age. One of your businesses strongest assets is a marketing agency that understands your business and will go above and beyond to provide you with the best options for your brand. Our mission parameters are structured in a way to build a genuine partnership with you and your business.

Boost Your Business

Save Your Time & Boost Your Business With Us

The Nova Digital Marketing team is here to help educate business owners about the data we provide in order to help them make informed business decisions. This allows you to be more in control and will save you time and money. 

Our digital marketing experts are here to design marketing campaigns that project your businesses goals and aspirations. Let us take your brand to the next level, increase your revenue, and decrease time wasted on marketing concerns with your current firm or that you do yourself in house.

We Have Been Building Brands & Partnerships Since 2011

For over a decade we have established ourselves as the best digital marketing company in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas. Check out what our clients have said about us!

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Why Choose Us

Nova Digital Marketing Builds Trust
Through Partnerships

Loyalty & Trust

Trust and loyalty are hard to come by in any form of life. That is why we pride ourselves in providing great customer service.

Digital Partnership

A ton of large digital agencies look at businesses as just another dollar sign. We invest in our partnerships so you want to invest more with us!

Branding & Education

Our branding ideas stem from our culture of loyalty and trust. This helps us educate and build better brands for our clients and theirs.

Our Services

We Provide Digital Marketing
Solutions for Your Business

Hiring a digital marketing expert could well prove to be a shot in the arm
for your online business, that deserves a robust web presence.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the organic method of increasing leads and brand awareness on search engines like Google and Bing.

Web Design

Our responsive web designs help increase web exposure and brand awareness for your businesses digital asset.

Social Media Management

Increase brand awareness and sales using social media. Stay in touch with your clients and share content with them.


Whether starting from scratch or enhancing your brand we provide the digital team necessary to increase your digital foot print.

PPC Management

Getting leads quickly and efficiently is our job. Using our Pay per click advertisement team you will see leads coming in rapidly.

Data and Analytics

We use many different data platforms that provide analytics to help business owners see their marketing campaigns success.

Impress Upon Search Engines

Generating ROI Through Value Added SEO Services

Hiring an SEO expert could well prove to be a shot in the arm for your online business, that deserves a robust web presence.

Client Case Study

HPRG is a long standing client that has been using our SEO services for several years. When we began work on their website they did not have a ton of traffic. They were not showing up on the first page of Google for more than a handful of keywords. They were definitely not utilizing their website to its fullest potential! Click the link below to get more insight on how we helped increase their website traffic and lead flow!


ROI Increase


Monthly Website Visits

Our Customers

Our Out of This World Strategies
Have Helped A Ton of Clients


What Our Clients Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Questions Answered

These are the three most commonly asked questions we get from clientele. If you have any other questions please visit our contact us page and fill out the form to learn more about how we help our clients achieve a successful online brand! 

All of our seo packages are built custom for every seo client due to the competitive and complex nature of this service. Some companies will require more backlinks than others as well as some businesses, even local ones, will be in extremely competitive markets and will require a substantial foundation to be built in order to compete with other businesses in that area.

Pricing in general for all of our services – A majority of our services are custom designed for each client because a one size fits all price does not fit our culture and desire to provide a service that will increase brand awareness for our clients but also create a trusted partnership. 

The answer is, Yes! We offer logo design services, social media banners and other services upon request.

We provide a ranking portal that is updated everyday that you can view at your own pace and on your own time. This way you are not waiting for the end of the month to get a progress report. It also helps you understand more of what is going on with your seo campaign.

A plethora of data points are provided to you in order to see increases in web traffic, what keywords we are targeting and more! This allows you the freedom to stay as involved as you would like to in the month to month process.

Direct Consultation

Learn More About Our Creative
Digital Marketing Solutions

Interested in our digital marketing services or need advice?
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