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Nova Digital Marketing is results driven and provides the data to back that up.  Our team helps design monthly reports to show the success of your marketing campaigns.

There are a ton of factors when it comes to designing an out of this world Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing plan. Content optimization and on-page optimization are the first steps to increasing the viewership of your website. 

The remaining aspects of SEO begin to get technical in nature as well as very research intensive. Some of which you won’t even notice until you begin to see your site on the top of search engines. This is why we customize pricing for every client we have because every market and website will require something unique and different.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Nova Digital Marketing offers a full range of SEO services to increase
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Keyword Research

Nova Digital Marketing offers a wide range of SEO services that helps build the SEO foundation your website requires to successfully achieve page one rankings on Google and other search engines. The first step is to research the online market we wish to target in order to increase your web traffic and lead flow. This helps us understand the clientele you wish to target and acquire. This is an ever expanding process and is constant when performing SEO and PPC advertising.

Competitive Research

This research provides much needed information about your business, the difficulty of the online market we are targeting, and gives us data to present a goal oriented marketing plan. Taking a look at what your competitors are doing with their SEO campaigns helps us counteract their efforts.

On-Page Optimization

Optimization of your website’s content is key to a successful SEO campaign. The keyword research and competitive research help out a lot with this portion of the websites optimization process. Again, knowing what is working for you competitors helps us design the best set-up for your website to counteract what the competition is doing. Content optimization may require changing some sentences, changing titles of pages, and adding extra content if there isn’t enough on the page. The SEO process has a ton of steps incorporated into it and the content optimization is just a tiny portion of it but a key ingredient to a successful SEO foundation.

Client Case Study

HPRG is a long standing client that has been using our SEO services for several years. When we began work on their website they did not have a ton of traffic. They were not showing up on the first page of Google for more than a handful of keywords. They were definitely not utilizing their website to its fullest potential! Click the link below to get more insight on how we helped increase their website traffic and lead flow!


ROI Increase


Monthly Website Visits

Off-Page Optimization

Our team reaches out to relevant blogs and websites to provide quality backlinks and build backlink profiles for your website targeting the markets we wish to achieve page 1 rankings for on Google. This is a timely process and does not provide instant overnight results in most cases. Once we build your SEO foundation with your on-page, technical SEO, and backlink profile, the rankings will start to increase your web traffic organically. Over time this makes targeting certain markets (geographical or other) a bit easier because you have built trust with Google and other search engines.  This in combination with on-page optimization and technical SEO aspects really benefits your business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is something that a majority of web designers and large SEO firms do not take into consideration when attempting to build you a successful organic search campaign. One of the main reasons is the time it takes to complete these technical aspects of your website. There are a ton of different elements to technical SEO that many just don’t even know how to accomplish. Some of them are simple and some of them are tedious but adding these small and large backend elements to your website can drastically improve your ability to organically grow on search engines.


Nova Digital Marketing uses Google Analytics, Google search console, heat mapping software, and a ranking portal in order to keep track of successful organic and PPC campaigns. The ranking portal is accessible via your web browser and syncs with Google analytics and Google search console. This makes it easier to look at and view data from one platform instead of three.


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